Friday, December 11, 2009

this is a GREAT and a QUICK and an EASY*

gift for someone. male or female. cathie and steve are batiking their scarves. i have used fabric paint on mine. draw designs or a picture or squiggles. anything!

let dry, and there's your gift!

now, i get fairly inexpensive plain undyed silk scarves at jerry's art - o - rama. so if you have one in your hood, check 'em out

i also make silk beads out of the plain scarves. i've posted before how i did it (i'll link back when i have time to find it). basically, you just cut strips (or rip them) use fabric paints and mod podge and whatever else you have (i used some craft wire, yarn, beads, etc) wrap around straws and let dry. the necklace has one of the silk beads i made AND a resin bead i made

Quick and Easy Gift Idea: batik silk scarves
pic of the scarves: from cathie's blog tutorial linked above

other pics are mine

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