Tuesday, December 8, 2009

whipup points us on over to a new site

make & meaning creative community in conversation


Make & Meaning: Why We’re Here

Acts of making are important – whether they involve yarn and knitting needles, wood and tools, pots and pans, brushes and canvas or anything else.

When we make things, time and worry fall away. We’re more aware, engaged, and excited – and we find it easier to connect with others. In truth, making connects us to our best selves.

We believe in making, and we love the fact that the internet allows makers to meet and geek out together, regardless of geography. There are many, many websites that celebrate making in all its forms. We created Make & Meaning to celebrate all the ways making enhances our lives, and all the things it causes us think about.

from the whipup introduction

The bloggers are:
Sister Diane – http://www.craftypod.com
Paul Overton – http://www.dudecraft.com
Pip Lincolne – http://meetmeatmikes.com
Betsy Greer – http://www.craftivism.com
Alice Merlino – http://www.futuregirl.com
Kim Werker – http://www.kimwerker.com

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