Sunday, February 28, 2010

if you need socks

let me recommend sock dreams to you. while most of the socks certainly are geared toward women, they sure do have a supply of men's socks as well.

i have gotten socks from them several times in the past. their service is incredible and their socks ain't bad either.

i've mentioned before i have a sock (and scarf) fetish. i'm NOT kidding about it either. i LOVE socks socks socks. of late i have only bought either slouch socks or over the knee socks (which i slouch anyway).

there are all sorts of socks for all sorts of prices. some are inexpensive and some are a bit pricey (but worth it).

really, if you're looking for socks i HIGHLY RECOMMEND them. and no, i have nothing to do with sock dreams nor am i being compensated. i just am a very satisfied customer and i wanted to share that

pics are from the sock dreams website linked above. except for the purple all slouched down sock. it's mine, taken with my phone. i'd take a GOOD picture of some of my socks but my camera is in the car AND the batteries are dead.

b.ella pantera jersey dress socks (85% cashmere)

checkered grid tabi socks

there are just FAR too many to choose so i'm going to stop now. have a look for yourself. you will NOT be disappointed. i promise you

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