Wednesday, February 10, 2010

my friend 'm' from work is having a BIG

birthday this weekend. i wanted to knit her up something special. a long time ago i remember her telling me she would love to have a shrug..........well............

the pattern is bobblicious from knitty

i made it a bit wider (instead of casting on 55 stitches, i used 61) and instead of four rows of bobbles, i knit three rows on each end.

'm' LOVED LOVED LOVED it. i asked her to do me a favor. i said i had knit this for a friend and she was about 'm's size. would 'm' mind trying it on for me so i could see if it needed adjustments or not. nope she didn't mind. when she had it on, i said, HAPPY B-DAY 'M'!!!

(i used bambolo yarn. super bulky. 51% wool/49% acrylic)

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Ginga Squid said...

That is SO COOL! I want one. What a fab idea - I'm off to click on the link you provided, thanks.
Love bobbles! :)

a rose is a rose said...

it was an easy knit. i did use wayyyyyyyyy more yarn than that pattern called for (even though i did knit the rows a bit longer)