Tuesday, November 2, 2010

i'm a sucker for cowls and neckwarmers and the like

the anticraft has a GREAT one up now

cafe au laine

by Simone Van Iderstine

pic from the anticraft linked above

note: cowls and neckwarmers are EASY to knit and quick (as a rule). the holidays are coming up and they make GREAT gifts.


Professor Chaos said...

Hey lady, someone stole the rest of your sweater!

a rose is a rose said...

what a RIOT, pc! anyway, as you can imagine these are wicked quick to make and easy to wear as well. my friends (whom i've gifted) swear by them. they are easier to wear than scarves. i've knitted 2 in the past couple of days and working on more. the 2 are blocking now and i'll post pics when i'm done with 'em.