Monday, November 1, 2010

this is what i'm working on now

holes and bobbles and a few short rows thrown in for good measure. increases and decreases. no particular pattern, just winging it. i'm going to do a few more inches and make sure i end up with (well a few rows BEFORE the end) a row of holes. i'm going to then sew some beads on the right side and felt it (in a pillowcase in the washer. i'm far too lazy to do it manually). then i'll sew a few buttons on to match the end holes and voila, A NECKWARMER! if it comes out half way decently, i'm going to give it as a christmas gift. if not, well it's all mine! it too is done in kauni effektgarn

quite a difference from the kauni rainbow shawl i'm also working on (NO NO NO, i'm NOT done with that either)

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