Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ok a couple of things I'M working on now

neither of these is done.

one is a neckwarmer made out of kauni effektgarn and the other is a shawl (pattern is anna's shawl from stickfrossa blog) also made out of kauni

since the neckwarmer goes so close to the skin and let's face it kauni is beautiful BUT NOT THE SOFTEST YARN OUT THERE, i'm going to line it with fleece (you can see the white fleece peeking out from the holes. i'm going to cut the holes out so you can't see the fleece. i've not yet sewn the fleece to the neckwarmer. i'm not done embellishing and beading it.  i didn't use a pattern. i just started knitting and  riffed off of the swiss cheese scarf pattern. i added baubles as you can see and did a LOT of binding off and casting on at the ends as well as making random holes. (oh, i've obviously felted this after i was done knitting)

the shawl pattern i followed faithfully (well as faithfully as i can follow anything) until the end. i added baubles (what can i say, i'm in love with them) and i used an i-cord bind off. i think i'm going to do a crochet fancier border too. as you can see it is NOT blocked. i've not even woven in the ends.

just didn't want anyone to think i've been lax...........

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