Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a cobweb scarf i made the other day

it was my second try - certainly NOT my best work. however, it's soft and i rather like the way it looks!

here's how i did it:

Roving (mostly wool but other fibers such as silk can be added as long as the bulk of what you are using is wool. it won't felt unless you DO use wool. I used merino. It’s so damn soft)
Bubble Wrap
Spray bottle/water
Soap (I used bar but you can use dishwashing liquid NOT dishWASHER stuff though)

i hand carded some fibers i had because i wanted them to be a bit thinner and i blended some together too

spread a thin layer of fiber in a long rectangular shape (scarf shape) down the bubble wrap (put the towels under the bubble wrap to keep your work surface fairly dry). i then added some yarn i hand spun. i cut lengths and randomly placed it here and there. then i covered everything with another thin layer of fiber (this time I went in the opposite direction. i covered it with the netting and sprayed it down with warm water until the whole thing was wet. i wet the soap and rubbed it directly on the netted fiber until it was all foamy/soapy. i rubbed the fibers with my fingers until they were sticking together (felting a bit). then I tightly rolled up the netted mass in the bubble wrap. i rolled that back and forth for some time (note: i did NOT roll it long enough. there are parts of my scarf that aren’t as felted as i would have liked them to be). then unwrap and turn the scarf over so the opposite side is on the bubble wrap. repeat the rolling for a bit. unwrap (and if felted) rinse in warm water. You can then ‘full’ it if you like. Fulling is just throwing the scarf against something. i hosed down my soapy bubble wrap and put it on the sidewalk outside. I threw my scarf onto that for a bit (again, NOT long enough. I should have done it longer).

and of course here are FAR BETTER directions on how to do it


Licho_Nie_Spi said...

Scarf is stunning! I wanted to do something in this technique and searched for some directions. Thanx, I found your work! Beautiful!

a rose is a rose said...

thanks! it was fun (and a workout). the more you make the better you become. i do mostly wet (as in felting something knitted) and/or needle felting