Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i picked myself up the latest copy of

spin off magazine.

in it they had some traditional danish shawls. i fell IN LOVE. i loved how they looked. how PRACTICAL they were. they are shaped like a regular triangular shawl in the back, but the ends (up front) are longer and curved. sort of making the shawl a heart. this is so you can wrap it around you and tie it in the back. it covers most of your upper body BUT it leaves your hands free. the pattern for the shawl is in the spin out issue OR, you can buy it from the website: lust auf farben. check some of them out on the site. they're amazing. i know the ones in spin off were made from hand spun and hand dyed yarn.

i am going to make mine from malabrigo which i LOVE as well.

the shawl pictures are from the lust website. i'll post mine when i get started.

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