Tuesday, April 1, 2008

my new necklace

it's felt and yarns and a couple of glass cane beads.

i cut lengths of different yarns and then i took some black merino roving and wrapped that roving around the middle of the yarns. i then took some different colored wool roving (greens and purples) as well as a bit of sparkle roving (i don't know what it is but it's NOT wool) and wrapped that here and there around the bigger black piece. on bubble wrap i rolled the roving part up in a net. i wet the wool with warm water. i took a bar of soap and started soaping the wool as well. after a bit, i rolled it back and forth (while it was in the netting) on the bubble wrap. i rolled it for a good few minutes. i unrolled it and soaped it without the netting. i used my hands and kept working it. i wrapped it in the netting and rolled it that way a bit longer. then (when it turned to felt) i rinsed it very well in warm water to get all the soap out. i bent it into a crescent shape and let dry for a day or two. i then threaded some beads (two on each side plus two at the tied back end. i'm also going to put a dab of fabric glue at the ends so it doesn't come undone). i slipped the two beads (on each side) on one of the strands of yarn and tied a knot in all of the strands so the beads wouldn't move too much. i don't know if they're spaced evenly but that wasn't the point.

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