Wednesday, June 15, 2011

altered fabric part iii

here's some other altered fabric i made.

i'm using the feminist fabric for a GIANT purse for ME. i've been knitting a monk's satchel forever (i just pick it up now and again). when i'm done with it and felted it, i'll attach the feminist fab

the orange fabric was VERY hard to work with. it was way too light and diaphanous. i'd not choose that again unless i backed it with ANOTHER kind of fabric first.

the bluish fabric is going to be a duct tape wallet (pictures to follow) for my friend edwards. he's leaving the the half door and going back to his old bar. i shall miss him (he'll still come visit AND drink!). he was quite the prankster and he sure could make me laugh. (note; a couple of the pictures for this fabric have some whitish goo in them. that's the gel medium that's not quite dry. it WILL dry clear i promise you)

altered fabric part iv
altered fabric part iii
altered fabric part ii
altered fabric part i

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