Thursday, June 23, 2011

check out the lytro

a whole new direction in photo taking (and PERFECT for ME ME ME)
from their website:

The camera that turns light into living pictures

This year, Lytro will debut the first light field camera for everyone. OK – you’re not everyone. You are a beautiful, unique snowflake. And you deserve an amazing camera that lets you capture life’s singular moments, like baby’s first steps not second, with maximum magic and minimum hassle. No more fighting with dials and settings and modes. No more flat, boring, static photographs. With a Lytro, you unleash the light.......

this my dears is EXACTLY what i'm talkin' bout!

No fuss focus.

Click away. Shoot first, focus after. That's right, after. You can't miss.

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Kate said...

Hi Linda,

I’m really intrigued but the new Lytro cameras. The ability to just click and then later go back in and edit the photo with the software is amazing; the news lens capture so much more than current technology. I do wonder, though, when this tech will become mainstream. The hefty price tag might discourage most people from purchasing one, and they’re also satisfied with their point-and-click versions now. The company has said the cameras will cost somewhere between $1 and $10k, so I’ll probably wait for the price to drop a bit (read: a lot) before picking one up. I wanted to share this video on the Lytro tech with you. I think you’ll appreciate how it analyzes news coverage from different sources to show various perspectives on the impact the cameras will make. I hope you’ll consider embedding the video in your post.